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Suresh Thimiri


About Suresh Thimiri

For Suresh Thimiri, motivating others is just as important as his own success. Throughout his extensive career, he has highlighted the value of communication and building up a team as a whole. Because of methodologies like this, he knows how to achieve the highest level of customer service. Those who have worked with him all agree that he is diplomatic and flexible. He is always available to talk or accept feedback, and he treats everybody equally, regardless of position. 

Suresh began his career in customer service at the most introductory level, assisting locals as they walked into the shop. He quickly rose up through the ranks, eventually earning the title of regional director. Because of this, he gained a whole new opportunity, the chance to start exploring the world. His training for the position took him on many travels and he began to experience other cultures and foods, both of which he instantly fell in love with. Another passion of his is photography, especially capturing the beauty of nature. 

Feeding off of his life experiences, Suresh Thimiri has been able to cultivate a work culture wherever he goes. He understands the importance of maximizing the customer service experience, far beyond any of his competitors. He has spent years as the director of numerous companies, each one specializing in proprietary solutions that cater uniquely to each individual customer. 

Throughout his long career as director of numerous corporations, he has had experience in delivering customized goods and services to his customers, always focusing on customization and quality. Suresh learned about retail from his years as director of Quantum Neways Tradelinks, Ltd. and his wholesale experience comes from working as director of Transview Enterprise India, Ltd.  In addition, he served as director of Fortune Innovative Services and QA Courier and Logistic, Ltd. Both of them are in the telecommunications sector specializing in radio and television. The years spent in this industry heightened Suresh’s skills in optimizing customer service of individual clientele. 

As the director of Vinetree IT Solutions, Ltd. Suresh Thimiri ventured away from the familiar into new territory, excelling in the software industry. As the director, he oversaw many stages of the software lifecycle including consultancy, production, documentation, website design, production, and supply. The range of software varies from gaming to operating systems, with proprietary industry software that catered exclusively to each customer’s needs. Suresh Thimiri learned the importance of listening and analyzing what the customer was asking for and then working alongside them to problem-solve in the most efficient way possible.