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Suresh Thimiri Leadership Styles

A bad leader doesn’t just create a toxic work environment, they can cause companies to lose talented employees and negatively impact the company’s performance as a whole. While bad leadership traits are more common than bad leaders, the fact of the matter is that bad leadership has no place in the workplace. Being aware of these traits will allow leaders to self-evaluate their actions so it never becomes a problem. Use the traits below as a way to assess your skills to see how you can shift your leadership style to positively impact those on your team. 

Mentally and Physically Absent Leaders

It can be easy to become disconnected from your team, but avoiding meaningful contact will quickly turn a decent leader into a largely ineffective one. This might seem like a small deal, but it typically leads to disorganization, employee unhappiness, and even employee turnover. A leader needs to be present both physically and mentally to address tasks at hand, teammate concerns, workload, and how well everything is working cohesively. 

Failing to Recognize Your Employees

You’ve tasked your employees with important work. When they accomplish these tasks and help your company reach goals, large or small, they should be recognized. Companies cannot survive without the hard work of its individuals and teams and employees will quickly move on to greener pastures if they feel they are not appreciated. Make the effort to go above and beyond for your team and they will more than likely follow suit. 

Lack of Growth Opportunities for All

For most employees, a career is a pathway to bigger and better goals. Each position held should help the individual move onward and upward. Employees who feel they are progressing in their careers are much more likely to stay with a company and will work that much harder. Leaders should find ways to align opportunities with the needs and career-related desires of their employees. After all, who wouldn’t want to give their team members ways to become even more qualified and efficient at what they do?

Exhibiting Signs of Carelessness

Nothing ruins a workplace environment quite like a leader who just doesn’t seem to care about their tasks, team, or job. Careless leaders rarely look to the future or see the bigger picture and typically fail to provide motivation for teams. Leaders need to focus on helping their employees, showing empathy, and imparting knowledge to help the team as a whole succeed.